Prema Wada Healing & Yoga Treatments

Prema Wada works on three concepts namely Budi Pekerti, Tri Hita Karana, Trikaya Parisuda.

Hattha Yoga - $31

Helps to have a healthier body, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain and aches in the body, improve sleep quality, maintain a balance of body and soul, be more relaxed in dealing with life problems, relieve anger.

* Price For Group:
   – less than 10 pax    – $7/pax
   – more than 10 pax – $6/pax

Yin Yoga - $31

Which is done very slowly only a few poses are stiffened for 90 minutes six to seven poses for the duration of the class Great for increasing flexibility and reducing anxiety.

* Price For Group:
   – less than 10 pax    – $7/pax
   – more than 10 pax – $6/pax

Vinyasa Yoga - $21

Vinyasa yoga is excellent for your health. Not only does it keep you active, but it reduces stress, is accessible for many fitness levels, and improves heart health.

* Price For Group:
   – less than 10 pax    – $7/pax
   – more than 10 pax – $6/pax

Sound Healing - $38

Helps to reduce stress, improve mood, stay calm, lower high blood pressure, have a healthy mental health, reduce anxiety, improve health, lower cholesterol levels, have a better self-control, lower receipts, improve sleep quality, get rid of depression, anxiety, amnesia and cancer.

Cakra Healing - $38

Helps to clear the blocked chakras, awake the chakra itself so that it can function properly, give a positive aura to oneself and the environment.

Meditation - $38

Helps to calm the mind, relieve the ego, know more about oneself, produce a life of simplicity, have great love and empathy, be patient, blend in with nature, be calmer and respecting others.

Healing Energy - $66

Healing or purifying the human body, human energy when the energy body is healed, the physical body becomes an energy reflecting into one) all these processes appeal to Sanghyang Widhi, the only Sanghyang of the ancestors and the universe of connections human relationship with God human relationship with nature human to human relationship.

Palm Reading - $59

is a science (palm) reading palm lines, which are related to the nature, character, fate, career and traces of life. Lines on the palms describe a person’s past, present and future life. The first palm reader was known by Ancient Indian society, in addition to palmreading I palmistry known as an old science, it is a gift, a gift of the god of the ocean to the people of the world, so that knowledge is called samudrika shastra.

Life Consultation - $59

Helps to clear disturbing problems in the mind and soul, be more relaxed in the process of living life, be more loving with oneself and others, all of that returns to love.

Purification (Pelukatan) - $31

Cleanses the outer body, mind and spiritual soul within clean all forms of negative things in the body, neutralize bad energy, open positive energy and positive aura.

Aero Yoga - $31
Intuitive Good Karma - $52
Pengobatan Herbal - $31
Pijat Pengobatan Traditional - $31

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