Aji Kuru Jimbar Kepakisan

People know me as “Aji Kuru Jimbar Kepakisan”. My Real Name may be hard to remember. Because I always include the name Aji Kuru Jimbar Kepakisan from 1987 in writing articles in several media, magazines. So that I was known by the name Aji Kuru Jimbar. My real name is Ir. Dewa Putu Raka Adnyana, M.Sc. Born June 23, 1964 in Banjar Tegallinggah, Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Gianyar.

Because the art of living is beautiful, since 1973, I received an important message from my grandfather who had the talent to heal and support Rangda’s journey. The important message is “Buin Pidan Cening Nyen Mundut Rangda Nah! It means “in the future you will continue to dance Tapakan Rangda Yes!”. Over time, I filled that time with the duties of brahmacari (study of knowledge), the important message was forgotten, and I had absolutely nothing to do with this form of art let alone practice it. I passed day after day, month after month and year after year, 1979 graduated from elementary school, 1982 finished junior high school, 1985 finished high school, 1992 graduated S1 (Bachelor of Agriculture) with the title Ir. In 1987 I began to actively write for the Nusa Tenggara print media, and for the Bali Post print media. In 1992, I held the position of secretary (editor secretary) at Karya Bakti magazine, a magazine engaged in the field of cultural religion. In 1994 I was appointed as a civil servant, and served in the Klungkung Regency Government. It was in 1994 that I remembered the Important Message from my Grandpa when I was 6 years old. I started remembering that message when a friend suddenly invited me to Ngayah Nari Nopeng Sida Karya at Dalem Tegallinggah Temple, despite all my shortcomings, I just followed the invitation and I danced in borrowed clothes and masks. During the event, there were many criticisms which were very discouraging, but I never gave up and always obeyed my grandfather’s message. By the grace of God’s power, on Tuesday Medangsia I was appointed by the traditional leaders to welcome the visits of the Idea of Tapakan Bhatara Ratu Ayu Anom and the Idea of Bhatara Ratu Ayu Lingsir. In the end, every piodalan I always pray to Mundut Ratu Ayu. Finally, the news spread to the ceremony venue in Bali and I was appointed to work as Nopeng Sida Karya and Mundut Ratu Ayu (ngrangda). And in 2003 I completed my master’s degree majoring in Cultural Religion with the aim of supporting my journey regarding Sacred Arts. In pursuing a career as a civil servant, I finally served as PLT Head of the Environment Service and retired in July 2022 in the position of Sekdis (Secretary of Service). During my journey as a civil servant, I often help others regarding healing and guidance through Palm Reading. In August 2022 I met a Yoga teacher who offered me a collaboration regarding Palm Reading. Finally, until now I am active in Palm Reading activities apart from writing articles in Sradda Magazine related to religious and social culture, as well as Topeng and Rangda dancing. In doing Palm Reading (reading the palms of the hands) to those who are reading I always ask about someone’s personality whether it can be revealed what secrets are domestic, local or foreign, this is courtesy as the main thing. In palm reading I provide clues about a description of life’s journey, past, present and future, related to health/illness, work, financial, spiritual and others and provide up to the solution.

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