I am known by the name Bunda. Born on May 2, 1983, in Banjar Dauh, Bantang Village, Kintamani, Bangli. My real name is Ni Komang Astini. But in the course of my daily obligations, every time I teach Yoga, Healing, Meditation I am called Bunda.

From the age of 11 (eleven) months I have been on the set of Silence trips. My existence is in the middle of a very simple family environment. I have experienced a nomadic life, always moving from one family to another without parents. Why is that? Because according to Hindu belief, I am a Melik. According to my ancestors, I was not allowed to live with my parents because my birthday was the same as my parents’, so I had to separate from my parents away from home. In 1994 I lived in the village of Sang Ambu, in this area I studied until grade 3 (three) in elementary school. When I just found out about my parents I finally decided to go home, but a few days after I was at my parents’ house in Bantang Village, I fell ill. In a state of illness that was not clear whether medical or non-medical, I survived until grade 1 (one) of junior high school, because I could not stand the pain I was suffering from, so I decided to move to a family in Madenan Village, until grade 2 (two) of junior high school. I felt like I wanted to go back to my parents in Bantang Village again. A few days later I fell seriously ill again. At that time I was asked to be invited by a family from Manik Liu Village from a Religious Teacher. My condition is starting to improve. While organizing life in conditions that are not yet teenagers, I miss my parents again. When I returned to my parents’ house, I fell ill again, so a person from Bangli asked me to take care of my business so I stopped going to school. Suddenly, a few months later, my older sister took me to Denpasar, so in Denpasar I finished junior high school. After I graduated from junior high school, I decided not to continue on to high school, because I was hit by many factors besides inadequate funds, but the main factor was that I was often overlooked all the time, I felt ashamed of my friends. Suddenly I was wanted by my parents, and I was asked to continue my high school studies. To respect the will of my parents, under circumstances I was forced to run high school stories in full color. Never mind that I finally got a high school diploma. Finally, after graduating from high school, I decided to work as an accountant in a company in Denpasar. In this company, it also does not go out regarding ignorance. As a teenage girl, I finally decided to get married. Even in my household life, I was never absent. Finally I decided to run to the spiritual path. In 2010 I did the Niskala journey, starting with Mewinten/cleaning. So on September 30 2015 I carried out the Dwijati procession. In 2018 I carried out many holy trips to Java Island, most of them with the aim of temples in the East Java Region. The temples that I visited were Penataran Blitar Temple, Tikus Temple, Bajang Ratu Temple, Brahu Mojokerto Temple, Singosari Malang Temple, Jawi Pasuruan Temple, Jago Malang Temple, Spoon Temple, Kidal Temple, Hindu Buddhist Temple, Gajah Mada Petitions, Pura Argo Sapta Lasting, Dieng Temple, Srikandi Dieng Temple, Arjuna Temple, Sembadra Temple and Puntadewa Temple, Dwarawati Temple. Likewise, temples in the Jogjakarta area such as Prambanan Temple, Mendut Temple, Green Temple and Jagatnata Temple. Last trip to Parangtritis and Parangkusumo. On this trip I did not use Footwear for 6 Days. Then proceed to Kalimantan for two weeks at the Agung Temple without using footwear, proceed to Sumbawa for one day, on the south coast of Linggih Bhatara Lingsir. Then continue the journey to Lombok Island for three days with the aim of holy places including Mount Rinjani, Suranadi Temple, Darmada Temple, Lingsar Temple, Gangga Temple. Over time in 2018 I also did Tapa Meditation for one month and seven days in Sang Ambu Village, Buleleng which is behind the Liligundi hill. Behind the hill, I support myself by eating and drinking potluck from the plantations of inland communities. Before I meditated on Liligundi Hill, I lived in the Pucak Giri Jaya Kusuma Bantang Kintamani Hamlet, where the sky is roofed with earth, surrounded by forest. In 2020, I started managing Pucak Giri Jaya Kusuma Hamlet, by establishing a simple Gedong Suci, which aims to provide and share knowledge with people regarding life in this world. In the process of building the hamlet, for four months I lived in the hamlet with meditation and meditation activities. After finishing building the Pucak Giri Jaya Kusuma hamlet, I continued my journey to Ulun Danu Batur in the Mono Berata procession (no talking) for twenty two days (22) until I got the Wahyu Dewata Nawa Sanga in the form of a picture, depicting Love.

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